How to find proof of Liam’s betrayal in the Violence side job – Cyberpunk 2077

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Not telling the whole truth is a common occurrence in Cyberpunk 2077. In the Violence gig, you receive an anonymous text to meet at the No-Tell Motel with a client who wants a job done.

Where is the No-Tell Motel

You can find the No-Tell Motel in Watson, closer to the east side. It’s close to the waterfront. You can enter from the front, and you need to head to room 210.

Meet the client

The client is Lizzy Wizzy, one of the top performing artists in Night City. She has a boyfriend and she believes him to cheating on her. The job is to figure that out, and she wants solid proof, such as a picture or a recording. You need to head over to the Riot during the evening ask for Liam, her boyfriend.

Visit Riot in the evening

You can fast travel to Riot using the fast travel terminal outside of the No-Tell Motel. The club isn’t too far away, but you need to show up in the even, so anytime after 8 PM.

You have two options when you arrive. You can ask around about Liam or go straight to finding proof of his betrayal. If you ask around for Liam, speak to the bouncer at the front who lets you in. There will be three choices when you talk to them, and one of those is only available if you have the Street Kid profession, which leads you to receive the VIP room access card, where you can find Liam. You can also convince the bouncer to help if you have 11 points in body. If you don’t have either of these, head to the second floor and speak with the bartender, you can convince them to give you the information by giving them 2,000 eddies or by having a nine in body. Both methods send you to the VIP room with the card.

Alternatively, you can skip both these methods if you have nine points in technical ability. For our playthrough, we decided to use our Street Kid background to convince the bouncer to help us out.

When you arrive on the floor below, there’s a computer there you can access. Open it, and then go to the local network, surveillance system, and then remote takeover. It’ll show Liam with another woman and reveals they want to make a backup of Lizzy’s personality, similar to what they did to Johnny.

Once you learn the truth, you can steal footage from the computer and call Lizzy. You can tell her the truth and send the footage, but she’ll hang up. That completes the mission. However, after the mission is successful, Lizzy will send you a follow-up text, and you have to send a reply. A day or so after you’ve completed this, Lizzy calls you again to help her out. You have to meet her back at the No-Tell Motel to meet again.

Returning to Lizzy

When you arrive, you find that Lizzy has killed Liam. If you examine Liam while Lizzy is talking, you gain the option to ask Lizzy about his wounds. You point she strangled him, and it was slow. She says she was angry. You have three choices.

  • Eh, got what was coming to him.
  • What’s done is done.
  • Liam was afraid of this…

Any of the choices here lead to the next step in the quest. However, by mentioning that Liam knew this was going to happen, Lizzy retorts back at you. Regardless, the next part has V asking that Lizzy called about the body. When Lizzy replies, she’s a bit colder, and she tells you get rid of the body. These are your choices.

  • Ok. I’ll take care of it.
  • No. Not doing it.

If you agree to take the body, Lizzy thanks you, and Liam, for what you’ve done, adding that Liam did something beautiful for her. You’ll then have to take the body, follow the quest marker to the nearby dump, and then get rid of it. The side job will be over at this point.

However, if you refuse to take the body, and don’t work with Lizzy, the mission ends in a failure.

It’s up to you if you want to help Lizzy, or walk away from the entire situation.