How to find Radstags in Fallout 76

Not the friendly deer you’re used to.

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There are a lot of creatures that roam the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76. Many animals got mutated when the bombs fell and now they can be pretty deadly. Take the Radstag. These humble deer turned rabid and will not hesitate to charge you if you happen to come across them in the wilderness of West Virginia. Of course, sometimes you need to hunt these animals down whether it be for their meat or for a challenge. This guide will show you how to find Radstags in Fallout 76.

Radstag locations in Fallout 76

There are a lot of different types of wildlife in Appalachia from the strange and deadly cryptids to the humble little rabbits. While not everything is out to kill you, most of it won’t hesitate to attack if it feels threatened. There are multiple types of Radstags throughout the game. Some of these Radstag variants will attack you on sight while others will try to get away from you should you attack them.

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There are quite a few reliable areas where you can find Radstag roaming the wastelands of Appalachia. If you are on the hunt for them, check the following areas:

  • Four Albino Radstags can reliably be found at Thomas Farm
  • Three Radstags can be found near a pond behind a house in the Whitespring Resort area
  • At least three Radstags can be found to the northwest of The Crater
  • Two Radstags can reliably be found to the north of the Whitespring Golf Club

If you happen to not find a Ragstag in these areas, you can always come back at a later time when they respawn or server-hop until you do find Radstags.

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Radstags are a good source of meat and leather in the game. You can use their meat to make meals like Fried Deerskins, Grilled Radstag, Radstag Stew, and Steak Sticks. You can even use their meat to make explosive bait which is great against other wildlife like Yao Guai which are difficult to hunt down and defeat on your own.