How to get Hardened Mass in Fallout 76

Watch out for radiation.

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Crafting is a major part of what you will be doing as you progress through Fallout 76. After all, you need to make your own weapons, armor, and camp items. Later in the game, you will start to need harder-to-obtain materials that only come from specific areas. One such item is Hardened Mass. These objects are the easiest to find but are needed if you want to start crafting using flux. This guide will show you how to get Hardened Mass in Fallout 76.

Where to find Hardened Mass in Fallout 76

While Hardened Mass isn’t the only material you will need to craft with flux, it is one of the more difficult materials to get. Keep in mind, you will also need to get materials like High Radiation Fluids. To get Hardened Mass, you first need to either wait for a nuke to fall or make one fall yourself which is much easier said than done.

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Launching a nuke requires a lot of items and you also need to complete the main campaign of the game. After you manage to collect all of the items necessary and go through one of the silos, you can launch a nuke. When the nuke lands, it will create a blast zone that is filled with high-level irradiated enemies. These foes are not to be messed with if you aren’t prepared and at a high enough level.

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Hardened Mass can only be obtained from dead enemies in blast zones. After defeating an enemy, make sure to check their inventory to see if they have any Hardened Masses on them. This material is used to turn raw flux gathered from the various plant life in a blast zone into stable flux. Without stable flux, you can’t make items like ultracite ammo and mutation serums.