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How to find Cryptids in Fallout 76 – Best Cryptid locations

Rare and dangerous beasts.

Deep within the dark forests of Fallout 76 in the wasteland of Appalachia, you can find mysterious beasts thought of to be myths. These creatures are known as Cryptids and they roam Appalachia. While they appear quite frequently, there is a pretty decent chance you might not have seen them all. They tend to only appear at certain times or in specific locations. There are multiple Cryptids in the game from the Flatwoods Monster to the dreaded Sheepsquatch. This guide will show you how to find Cryptids in Fallout 76.

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How to find the Beast of Beckley in Fallout 76

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The beast of Beckley is a rare albino wolf that you will encounter during the Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy quest. The Beast of Beckley lives in a cave in the southwest region of the map near Hornrwright Air Purifier Site #04. You can find this Cryptid later in the same spot all the time making it easy to track down.

How to find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76

The Flatwoods Monster is an alien-like creature that floats through the forest at night and can easily be spotted thanks to its purple glow. There are a few different variants of the Flatwoods Monster and none of them have a fixed spawn location. It is possible to have a run-in with the Flatwoods Monster in the following areas:

  • Can spawn at the end of the Campfire Tales event
  • Possible encounter during the Queen of the Hunt daily quest
  • Possible encounter during the Making Sacrifices daily quest
  • Each location on the map has a 2.5% chance to spawn a Flatwoods Monster

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How to find the Grafton Monster in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

A lab experiment gone wrong, the fable Grafton Monster was made real thanks to tests done at West Tek. There are three different variants of the Grafton Monster that you can encounter in Appalachia with the standard one being the most common. The following areas are where you can find the Grafton Monster:

  • One will always spawn at the Charleston Trainyard
  • One can be found south of Hemlock Holes
  • One will appear during the Grafton Day event in Grafton
  • Has a change to spawn during the Queen of the Hunt daily quest
  • An alpha variant has a chance to spawn as the boss of the Project Paradise event

How to find a Mega Sloth in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

Though they might not appear to be, Mega Sloths are considered to be Cryptids in Fallout 76. Theses large creatures are slow and able to be found in a few areas. You can find Mega Sloths in the following locations:

  • Up to three can be found to the southeast of the Southern Belle Motel
  • One can appear near Tanagra Town
  • One can appear at Treetops
  • One can appear near Camp Venture

How to find Mothman in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

Similar to the Flatwoods Monster, Mothman is one of the most iconic to Cryptids in Fallout 76. Mothman is so popular that there are cultists that worship the creature. Mothman can appear in multiple areas of the map including:

  • There is a 2.5% chance of Mothman spawning when reaching any of the markers on the map
  • Mothman has a chance to spawn at any of the Cult of the Mothman locations on the map in the following areas:
    • Lucky Hole Mine
    • Blake’s Offering
    • Ingram Mansion
    • Point Pleasant
    • Clancy Manor
  • Possible encounter during the Queen of the Hunt daily quest

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How to find the Sheepsquatch in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the most fearsome of the Cryptids is the dreaded Sheepsquatch. This massive foe can easily down your character if you aren’t careful. With an appearance that looks like a Deathclaw with horns, the Sheepsquatch should be feared. You can find them in the following areas:

  • Up to two Sheepsquatch will appear during the Free Range event
  • One will appear as the boss during the Primal Cuts event
  • An Alpha Sheepsquatch can appear as the boss during the Project Paradise event
  • One can appear as a random encounter in the following areas:
    • Creekside Sundew Grove
    • North Monorail Elevator
    • Sparse Sundew Grove
    • Near Top of the World
    • Southwest of Welch
    • South of Scenic Overlook

How to find the Snallygaster in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Snallygaster is another formidable Cryptid foe with multiple spawn locations. This creature can attack you from a distance and can easily kill your character if you aren’t careful. Check the following areas for Snallygasters:

  • Three will always spawn at Toxic Larry’s Meat’N’Go
  • Two will always appear in Charleston
  • Up to six can appear at the Flooded Trainyard
  • Up to four can appear at Kiddie Corner Cabins
  • Up to three can spawn at Pylon V-13

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How to find the Wendigo in Fallout 76

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final Cryptid on the list is the Wendigo. These fearsome hunters can be found in various places across Appalachia and are typically hard to kill thanks to their fast movement. The following areas are where you can spot a Wendigo:

  • Pylon Ambush Site
  • Fort Defiance
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
  • Watoga Emergency Services
  • Big B’s Rest Stop
  • Wendigo Cave

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