How to find safety rooms in Resident Evil Resistance

Where can you go for a little break?

Image via Capcom

Those who play as a survivor in Resident Evil Resistance need to find any way to take a quick break from the onslaught of zombies sent after them by the Mastermind. A great way to do this is through the safe room. There are a handful of them hidden each portion of the game, and you can quickly find them by a few distinct signs while you’re wandering around.

You should be able to locate a safety room by looking for a small, partially open doorway on the level. Unlike the other, more open locations in the game, it should have a significantly larger door that you and your teammates can easily slip into. Thankfully because of how small the crack to enter this room is, zombies won’t be able to shove their way inside, giving you and your teammates a quick moment to enter.

Inside you’ll find a decently sized room where you can freely patch yourself up, purchase anything from the Umbrella security cache, and coordinate a new plan with your teammates. You don’t want to waste too much time in here, though, because you and your allies are against the consistently ticking clock. However, spending a couple of seconds to rest and wait for things to clear is never a bad idea.

At the same time, the Mastermind is always coordinating a new strategy against you and your allies. You have to balance the importance of that quick break by knowing that you may reenter the open area of the game with plenty of traps and zombies waiting for you.

When you run out of ammunition for your weapon, duck into a safe room to refill your empty reserves and jump back into the fight, or use it as a perfect opportunity to heal your wounded character. You and partner can go inside with the other two holding back the tide, but don’t wait too long. The four of you are in it together.