How to find the Alien Blaster and ammo in Fallout 76

The Alien Blaster is a rare item to find. What’s even more rare is the ammo.


Image via Bethesda

If you have played Fallout 76 chances are you know about the Alien Blaster. This rare weapon is hard to come by. Many people haven’t even obtained the weapon, much less the ammo for it. While the weapon might be hard to find, the ammo is hidden away in a secret location. Here is where you can find these items.

Alien Blaster location

In the northeastern section of the map, you will discover Philippi Battlefield Cemetary. Looking on the map, you will see a butterfly near the cemetery. From the cemetery, travel west to Graninger Farm. In this area, you will see a destroyed house next to a body of water. Search the body of water for a broken safe. Inside the safe is the Alien Blaster. Make sure to pick up the Rusted Key as well.

Alien Blaster Rounds locations

Alien Blaster Rounds (or AB Rounds) can be found by completing the Daily Ops mission with an Alien Blaster. Once the mission is complete, you should receive the ammo as a reward. The ammo will only be given to you if you have the standard magazine attached to the weapon.

The alternative way to collect the ammo is by going to TNT Dome #2. This area is located southeast of Black Mountain Ordnance Works. To unlock this area, you will need to follow the unmarked quest that starts when you pick up the Rusted Key that is alongside the Alien Blaster. When you reach the end of the quest, you will find the ammo along with a converter mod to allow the weapon to use Fusion Cells.