How to find the Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy

Get ready to fight.

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Combat is something that you will be participating in on a regular basis in Hogwarts Legacy. Because of this, you will want to participate in the local Battle Arenas so that you can hone your skills and master all of your spells. There are two arenas hidden throughout the highlands for you to find. Competing in both of them will get you the Rise to the Challenges achievement. This guide will show you how to find the Battle Arenas in Hogwarts legacy.

Where to find the Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy – Rise to the Challenges achievement guide

Battle Arenas allow you to challenge various foes and test your skills to see if you are prepared enough for your next battle. While there are two in the main game, those who pre-ordered the game have access to a third arena called the Dark Arts Arena found in the Forbidden Forest. This Battle Arena does not count toward the achievement and is therefore not important to find unless you want to.

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The first of the Battle Arenas is located near Feldcroft and Irondale. Make your way to either of the hamlets. If you go to Feldcroft, head southeast, and if you go to Irondale, head southwest to find the arena. When you reach the ruins where the arena is located, you will see a large statue. Around the ruins, you will see various vases. Destroy all of the vases and the Battle Arena will become available. Interact with the statue to enter it.

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The second Battle Arena is located in the northern part of the map near the Thestral Den in North Ford Bog. You can easily reach this area but traveling to the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame fast travel point and traveling northeast. You will find some ruins in the area with the same type of vases as the other arena location. Destroy all 20 of the vases to activate the Battle Arena and interact with the statue to access it. Compete in both arenas to unlock the achievement.