How to find the Fancy Bed plans in Fallout 76

Sleep like a king.

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Your camp is one of the most important items in Fallout 76 and it is an area you will be spending a lot of time. There are many who spend lots of time making magnificent-looking camps so they can survive the wasteland of Appalachia in style. If you want to build items in your camp, you will need to collect the plans for it. Each item, or set of items, has its own plan for you to find hidden somewhere around the map. This guide will show you how to find the Fancy Bed plans in Fallout 76.

Where to find the Fancy Bed plans in Fallout 76

The Fancy Bed plans are one of the more difficult camp items to find since there are very few places where it can be located. Other items that are difficult to obtain are the Signs and Letters plans. Unlike other plans in the game, you can’t obtain the Fancy Bed plans by defeating enemies or by completing events and missions like the daily op.

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To get your hands on the Fancy Bed plans, you will need to purchase them from one of the few vendors that can carry them. You can also get the plans from players who happen to have them but the odds of finding them at a player’s camp are quite slim since they can be bought elsewhere. There are two vendors that can sell the Fancy Bed Plans:

  • Pendleton – Vendor located inside Whitespring Mall. He is the robot vendor in the Studio 58 shop.
  • Grahm – Traveling vendor who appears in select locations around the map.

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You can easily obtain the plans by talking to Pendleton in Whitespring Mall in Whitespring Resort. The Fancy Bed plans will cost you around 240 Caps. You can lower the number of Caps required for the plans by raising your Charisma and getting the Hard Bargain perk card. There are plenty of ways to gather Caps if you don’t have enough to purchase the plans.