How to get the Signs and Letters plans in Fallout 76

Decorate your base well.

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Survival is a must in Fallout 76 because the wastelands of Appalachia are a harsh place to live. As you progress through the game, you will find various items that will help complete your image of survival. For some, this is a good weapon; for others, it is being surrounded by items in their camp. One of the many camp items you can find in the wasteland is Signs and Letters. These simple camp items allow you to make signs filled to mark where things are around your base. This guide will show you how to get the Signs and Letters plans in Fallout 76.

Where to find the Signs and Letters plans in Fallout 76

There are plenty of plans that you will eventually come across as you make your way across the wastelands of Appalachia. Some items, however, are more difficult to find. Plans for items like the Gauss Shotgun can be a nuisance to locate if you don’t know where to look. If you have been trying to pin down where to find the Signs and Letters plans, there are a few areas that you can check.

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Whitespring Resort is one of the more commonly visited areas in Fallout 76. This area got an upgrade when with the Pitt update but still contains the mall with all of the shops. If you enter the mall portion of the resort, you have a chance to find the Signs and Letters plans at either the Brotherhood vendor or the Raiders vendor. Purchasing these plans will cost you upwards of 5,000 Caps, so you want to make sure you have farmed enough of them before checking out these vendors.

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There are plenty of other vendors that are able to have the Signs and Letters plans. If you don’t spot them at Whitespring Resort, check the following other vendors:

  • Grahm – Traveling merchant
  • Vendor Bot Phoenix – Found in Watoga Shopping Plaza
  • Vendor Bot Raider – Found at Sutton Station, Pleasant Valley Station, Sunnytop Station, and R&G Station
  • Vendor Bot Resin – Found at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

Make sure to check the inventory of these merchants daily since their inventories change during the daily reset. You can also purchase the Signs and Letters plans from players who happen to be selling the plans though they are unlikely to appear in player vending machines.