How to find the Harvest Key in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

There’s nothing like a good riddle to distract you from the task at hand.

Castle Nathria isn’t the only place in Revendreth where you’ll find a ton of treasure and loot in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Chests are all over the place, and a note from Grumbles outside the castle treasure room tells you where to look for the Harvest Key to open the chest with the same name. There are several possibilities, which we’ll cover below.

“The big man”

If the note tells you that the key is hidden “by the big man himself,” you’re looking for the large statue surrounded by Royal Arcanists, located at 41.9, 41.5. Once you deal with them, interact with the statue, and you should come away with the Harvest Key.

“Big lamp”

Grumbles’ note about putting the key near “one of those big lamps, not the little ones” is terribly misleading. Although the note makes it sound like you should be looking for a specific lamp, your target is 43.8, 41.5, a lamp that looks exactly like the rest of the ones surrounding Castle Nathria. Hover over the lamp with your mouse and you’ll be able to interact with it to get the key.

“Another storehouse”

Grumbles might send you to a place he refers to as “another storehouse,” separate from the treasure room where you’re standing. Thankfully, it isn’t very far. Directly opposite your position, navigate over to 38.2, 43.7. You’ll find the shiny key sparkling inside one of the crates inside this storage area.

Once you locate the key, you can head back to the note’s location, and then walk inside the treasure room. The locked Harvest, appropriately shaped like a coffin, holds the treasure of the day.