How to find the Mangrove Stick in Dinkum

Finding grown Mangrove groves.

Image via James Bendon

There is a wide variety of flora and fauna within the Australian-flavored survival-crafter Dinkum, and players will constantly come across new varieties as they explore. A problem that can arise is that some recipes request a certain ingredient, such as the Mangrove Stick, without offering information on where to find them.

The Mangrove Stick actually comes from a tree which, rather than dropping logs once destroyed, drops sticks. This tree type, fittingly called the Mangrove, is typically found cloistered with other Mangroves. Let’s take a look at where to find them.

Finding the Mangrove tree

Screenshot by Gamepur

Typically, players will need to move away from their starting area to find this tree type, but once a region is found for these, it’s a straightforward process. You’ll want to look near rivers to find a cluster of trees. One should note that Mangrove seeds, if they exist at all, are rare to come by within Dinkum. To ensure long-term play, users should be sparing with Mangrove Sticks — don’t sell them.

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Mangrove tree types are readily identifiable by their unique root system, which stretches out like branches. They take eight hits to harvest with the Copper Axe or twelve with the basic axe and can drop anywhere between one to six branches per harvest. While other trees drop logs, Mangroves will only drop Mangrove Sticks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Crafting with Mangrove Sticks

Mangrove Sticks are helpful for creating torches (which will only last a single day, even if used in the Deep Mine) and Meat on a Stick, which replenishes both health and energy. While their utilization is currently limited as far as crafting is concerned, it’s preferable to know where the resource is in preparation for future updates.

Players should be cognizant of hazards while harvesting Mangroves, as they can be guarded by alligators thanks to the proximity to rivers. Always scour the area around the harvest spot before pulling out your axe, lest you end up surprised by enemies looking for a quick snack.