How to find the Bushman in Dinkum

You would almost think he doesn’t want to be found.

Image via James Bendon

Dinkum is full of strange and colorful characters, but few are as unusual as the eccentric Bushman. He offers the chance to craft useful hunting gear, provided that you can track him down. He is one of the most elusive NPCs in the game, so finding him won’t be an easy task. If you’re having trouble, here is everything you need to know to find the Bushman in Dinkum.

The Bushman in Dinkum – how to find him

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Dinkum is a fairly straightforward game to get your head around, but it is driven by the constant need to upgrade your equipment. To do that, you need to find someone who can craft better gear. One of these people is the Bushman. However, the difficult thing about finding the Bushman in Dinkum is that he doesn’t appear in a single location. He can pop up in almost any location and in any weather conditions and not always in the same place twice, so you’ll have to wander around to find him. To find him, you’ll need to move around until you hear the sound of someone whistling. That is your only clue that Ted Selly, aka The Bushman, is nearby. Look for someone with a bucket on their head and talk to them.

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What Ted Selly can craft

There are two reasons to track down the Bushman in Dinkum. The first is because he can give you the best prices for materials like captured animals, both raw and cooked meat, and bugs. He’ll offer around 33% more than other merchants for these items. Though he is tough to track down, it is worth saving some so you can get the best possible price for them.

The biggest advantage to finding the Bushman is to get your hands on the items that he can craft. These are helpful hunting items, some of which are among the best of their type in the game. Keep in mind that you don’t know when he’ll show up next, so have the materials you need on hand when you go looking for him. When you do manage to track Ted Selly down, these are the items he can make and what he’ll need to craft them for you:

ItemCost in DinksMaterials Needed
Battle Shovel150,0001x Shovel, 2x Spinifex Resin, 8x Crocodile Teeth, 5x Copper Bar
Bone Bow240,0001x Slingshot, 20x Bone, 2x Iron Bar, 2x Copper Bar
Bone Arrow (x4)5002x Bone, 2x Mangrove Stick, 2x Feather
Croco Berley Box2,0002x Gum Log, 4x Copper Ore, 3x Raw Drumstick, 2x Spinifex Resin
Devil Berley Box2,4002x Hard Wood Log, 2x Copper Ore, 3x Meat, 2x Spinifex Resin
Shark Berley Box2,2002x Palm Wood, 4x Copper Ore, 1x Raw Giant Drumstick, 2x Spinifex Resin