How to plant seeds in Dinkum

Get ready to farm!

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Dinkum is a farming and life simulator that’s a mixture of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Wanting to get away from the boring and cold town that’s known as South City, you can take the chance at starting a new life in the Australian outback. Much like the games that it took influence from, you’re able to spend the day however you want. Let that be customizing the town to your liking, taking on quests from the townsfolk, going out fishing, or hunting animals.

Another thing that you can spend your time doing in Dinkum is farming. This is how you’ll be making a lot of Dinks, so you’ll want to invest some time and effort into it. However, there are a couple of steps you’ll need to take before you can become a farmer in Dinkum, and learning how to plant seeds is one of them.

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Planting seeds in Dinkum

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To start planting seeds, you’ll first need to get a shovel. You can purchase one from John when he arrives on the island for 900 Dinks, and once you have your Excavation License. You can get your Excavation License from Fletch for 500 Permit Points. The easiest way to get Permit Points is by completing your Daily Tasks and various milestones, like catching 10 bugs or selling shells.

To plant a seed, you’ll need to use your shovel to make a hole. Then, you’ll drop the seed of your choice into the hole by pressing Q. You can also drop a fruit or vegetable, like a Bush Lime, into the hole. Finally, equip your shovel once again to cover up the hole with dirt by clicking the left mouse button. If done correctly, a little plant will spawn where the hole was. After a few days of watering your crop with your watering can, it’ll be ready to harvest.