How to find the secret in Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and earn the Night of the Living Hedge achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

It decided to make its own hedge maze.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Back 4 Blood’s secrets are not really anything to write home about, but when they give us achievements, we won’t really complain. The secret in this guide will involve finding the golden skull trophy in Act 3, Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Here is where to find it and earn The Night of the Living Hedge achievement or trophy.

To find the Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood secret, you will need to play on the mission Garden Party. Up to this point, most of the secrets we have found have been early in the level, but this one happens right before the end of it.

When you get into Garden Party, you will be traveling through a lot of greenhouses and gardens, but the last trek of the level will be in a hedge maze. Luckily, it is not hidden down a path that is difficult to find. Simply proceed through the hedge maze until the end. Along the way, be ready for any hordes and birds scattered throughout the paths. When you reach the end, you will see some stairs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Instead of using the stairs, run forward and go down this other hedge maze path. It is actually very short and will lead you to a stone statue of a goblet that will have our secret inside. Interact with it to unlock the achievement or trophy.