How to find the secret in Job 10:22 and earn the Cryptozoologist achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

It brought its favorite toy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For those who love finding hidden items and secrets, Back 4 Blood has included golden skull trophies hidden around particular levels that, in the grand scheme of things, do not do much but will earn you an achievement for interacting with them. One of these can be found in Act 2, Job 10:22. Here is where to find this secret and earn the Cryptozoologist achievement or trophy.

To find this secret, you will need to unlock and be playing the final level of Act 2, Grave Danger. This is not a large level. When you get here, you will first be hunting down Snitches roaming around the church grounds and then take out some Breakers to finish the level.

To find the secret, walk towards the church from the safe room and take the road to the right. When you pass under a second sign that says St. John’s Church, you will notice a path to the right that reveals a section of gravestones and mausoleums. In the back right corner is one that you can walk into.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The secret will be immediately to the left when you enter, on the floor next to a plush turtle. Interact with it to unlock the in-game Accomplishment and the achievement or trophy.