How to find the secret in The Devil’s Return and earn the Port Man Toe? achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

Well this is a nice gift.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Back 4 Blood is a linear experience that will have you go down essentially a series of hallways until you reach the safe room in most cases. That does not mean there is no room for exploration, however. Among scavenging for supplies, there is a chance you can come across some secrets. Here is how to find the secret in The Devil’s Run and earn the Port Man Toe? achievement or trophy.

To find this secret, start a run on Act 1, The Crossing. For this level, you are supposed to run across a bridge that will have unending enemies coming at you, and then on the other side, you need to blow up a boat to destroy that bridge.

When you blow up the fuel tank to start this instance, stick to the right side of the bridge. Continue forward until you find the sign in the screenshot below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the other side of that sign, there will some concrete dividers. Go to the end of them, and you can drop down onto an orange ferry. This will slightly harm you, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Walk to the other end of that ferry, and you will find a suitcase on the left side with some kind of skull trophy in it. Interact with it, and the achievement or trophy will pop for you.