Camp Venture Location in Fallout 76

Adventure to the lands of The Mire.

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Camp Venture is an old military base that you may or may not come across throughout your adventures in Fallout 76. This area was used by the Brotherhood of Steel after the bombs fell, but was quickly forgotten and is now overrun by Ghouls and Scorched. This area is home to many items worth looting and even the location for a few quests. Of course, if you want to take advantage of all it has to offer, you have to find it first.

Camp Venture location

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Camp Venture is located on the eastern side of the Fallout 76 map in the area known as The Mire. This is the darker area of the map that is depicted by the dark green coloring. Camp Venter is south of Harpers Ferry and east of the National Isolated Radio Array. You can tell this location apart from the rest of the area thanks to the large wooden fences that surround it. Those who are working on the main questline of Fallout 76 will naturally be directed to Camp Venture during the main questline.

What to do at Camp Venture

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You will first reach Camp Venture during the Defiance Has Fallen quest of the main story. Beyond the main quest, Camp Venture is a good location to grab ammo thanks to the storage room in the base of one of the cabins. You will also come to Camp Venture as part of the Forbidden Knowledge quest that requires you to deposit Technical Data found on an enemy in a safe. You can also complete the Order of the Tadpole athletics test in the area to further your progress in obtaining the backpack plans.