How to find Toad Swamp in Grounded, and complete the marker

Ready for battle?


BURG.L, the robot friend that you discover in the Oak Tree Lab in Grounded. Finishing these tasks will earn you Raw Science that you can use to purchase new recipes from him to make better bases and items. Sometimes these missions will be to place markers in certain parts of the map.

Where is Toad Swamp?

You can find Toad Swamp to the east of the Mysterious Machine. This waterlogged area is actually quite large, but it is easy to know when you are in the right spot due to the giant Battletoad figurine that is discarded in this part of the yard.

You will need to be on your guard in this area, as it is surrounded by spiders, spiderlings, bombardiers, and smaller bugs that will be happy to take a bite out of you if they can.

How to find the marker

The marker is actually quite easy to find once you know how to get to Toad Swamp. The little ghost marker will be in one of the Toad’s hands, so you won’t have any difficulty finding where to place it. To complete the task, you need to build a trail marker that will require the following resources:

  • Clover Leaf x 1
  • Plant Fiber x 2
  • Sprig x 2

All you need to do is build the marker, then place it in the right spot, and BURG.L task will be complete, netting you some sweet Raw Science.