How to find Wade Airport in Fallout 76

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There are a lot of places to visit in Fallout 76. The wastelands of Appalachia are filled with sights to see and enemies to beat up. You will spend a large portion of the game discovering all of the map areas and seeing what each one has to offer. One place on the map that everyone should see is Wade Airport. This location is very easy to find and filled with enemies, junk, and objectives. This guide will show you how to find Wade Airport in Fallout 76.

Wade Airport location in Fallout 76

Wade Airport is one of the places you can visit early on in the game. Shortly after leaving Vault 76, will most likely head south and make your way to Flatwoods. Wade Airport is actually a short walk away from Flatwoods. Once you reach this area, head south and you will find Wade Airport in the spot where the airport is drawn on the map.

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The airport has some pretty defining features that are easy to spot once you reach the area such as the long runway and the radio towers. You can also reach Wade Airport by traveling north of Charleston if you didn’t already find it when passing through the area.

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What to do at Wade Airport in Fallout 76

Wade Airport is what is called a workshop. Workshops are different areas of the map that can be claimed by players to earn extra rewards. Claiming Wade Airport will get you access to defense missions that will get you extra plans, items, and experience. Claiming this part of the map will also get you access to a Silver deposit that you can use to get silver scrap.

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Wade Airport is a place where Super Mutants like to spawn. Heading to this area will allow you to clear out multiple Super Mutants as well as loot various boxes to get extra junk and ammo. You can even find a set of Power Armor here on occasion if you look in the blue trailer or if you check the hanger on the southeast edge of the area.