How to fish in Garden Paws

Get yourself some fishy new friends.

Image via Bitten Toast Games

Fishing is one of the many activities you can do in Garden Paws, and by taking part, you’ll get a variety of creatures that you can use to make food or craft new items. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but there are a few bits of information that will help you get a leg up during your next fishing expedition. Below, we will go over the details and explain how to fish in Garden Paws.

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How to fish in Garden Paws

To be able to fish, you’ll need to get yourself the right equipment first. You’ll need fishing bait and either a fishing pole or a fishing trap, which can be unlocked and crafted after completing specific quests. There are four types of fishing poles, three types of traps, and three different kinds of bait to use, with blueprints available for better-quality items.

Once you have your gear, equip a fishing pole to your Hotbar and make sure that you have at least one kind of fishing bait in your inventory. Approach any body of water and click and hold your mouse on an area in the water, and a white bar will appear on the screen. The more you hold the mouse click, the further the line with be cast. Once you let go, you’ll begin fishing and need to wait until you get a bite. When you do, a black silhouette of a fish will appear somewhere on your screen. You’ll then have a few seconds to click the silhouette of the fish. If you are successful and quick enough, you’ll catch the fish, which will be added to your inventory, and have one bait removed from your inventory. If you fail, the fish will get away, and you’ll need to try again.

For using a trap, the process is a bit different. First, equip your trap and bait to your Hotbar, and find an area by the edge of a body of water. Place your trap in a good location, which will be shown by your item glowing green. Once the trap is placed, approach it until the option set bait appears. Press E to set the trap, and your bait will be placed inside. You’ll then need to leave the trap to do its work. In some cases, this can be a full in-game day. Once your trap has captured something, bubbles will come out of the trap, which you can loot by walking up and selecting the Harvest option. This will empty the trap, which you can then refill or move and add your new fish to your inventory.