How to fix controller stick drift in Outriders

Your game isn’t broken.


Image via Square Enix

With the Outriders New Horizon update, there are bound to be many returning players in addition to new ones. Upon loading up an old save file, returning veterans might have noticed odd controller behavior. Whether tilting the camera or just moving the character model, either the camera or player character continue moving long after you release the input. This controller stick drift makes the game nearly unplayable given its fast-paced gunplay that relies on getting kills as quickly as possible under stress to continue regenerating health. Luckily, the fix is very simple.

To fix this annoying issue, we found that you had to reset the controller settings from the controls tab within the options menu. You can do this any time during gameplay. Reset to default by pressing Y on an Xbox controller or Triangle on a PlayStation controller. From here, you can readjust settings to the point they were at before the reset, and the drift should no longer be there.

Because Outriders has so many controller settings for various aspects ranging from sensitivity to the stick response curve, we recommend noting them beforehand. The game should exactly feel as it did before the update.

Screenshot by Gamepur