How to fix Dead by Daylight “Version Mismatch” error


Dead by Daylight error guide how to huntress

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Long time Dead by Daylight players know well that the game’s most enduring form of jump scare is its bugs and error messages. Jokes aside, as a live service game available on all popular platforms, Dead by Daylight is somewhat more prone to post-update bugs and hiccups than the average game. In this quick guide, we will go over one of the more common error messages you can encounter in the game: Version Mismatch.

Dead by Daylight players typically encounter some version of the Version Mismatch error message when trying to join their friends’ lobbies on other platforms. The error pops up whenever a new update goes through on a certain platform ahead of schedule. For example, at the time of this writing, update 5.2.2 is live on Xbox, but not on the PC and PlayStation versions of Dead by Daylight. Consequently, crossplay between Xbox and other platforms is not possible at the moment, and any attempts from Dead by Daylight players on other platforms to group up with Xbox players will lead to the Version Mismatch error message.

There isn’t anything players can do to circumvent or fix the Version Mismatch error. Thankfully, updates come through on all consoles and platforms relatively quickly, so the error shouldn’t prevent anyone from playing the game for too long. It’s also worth noting that console-specific update timing is typically dictated by the console’s maker (Microsoft, in the example above) and not by the game’s developers. Version Mismatch errors and similar inconveniences are the small prices we pay to be able to enjoy crossplay in Dead by Daylight and other games.