How to fix Error 90002 in Final Fantasy XIV

You might be missing a file.

Image via Square Enix YouTube

You’re going to encounter a handful of errors in Final Fantasy XIV when attempting to log into the game. These errors typically occur when you’re on the character selection screen, or you’re trying to wait in queue for the timer to hit zero, and you can jump into the game. For those of you who are experiencing error 90002, you might want to know what’s happening. Here’s what you need to know about error 90002 in Final Fantasy XIV and if you can fix it.

Error 90002 occurs when you’re attempting to connect to the Final Fantasy XIV servers, and that connection fails. There are a handful of reasons why this is happening. You may need to restart your router or disable your game’s firewall. If you’ve logged into the game before this error pops up and you haven’t had issues before, it’s likely because your router needs to be reset.

Alternatively, several players have reported they’ve had the best success with fixing this error by reinstalling the game. While the most tedious choice, it’s been proven to be the best way to handle it by members of the Final Fantasy XIV community. The problem is likely popping up because specific files were not appropriately added when you installed the game, and an error occurred. The best way to bypass it is to start over and try again.

If you continue to encounter errors with this problem, we highly recommend reaching out to the Final Fantasy XIV support team to inform them of your issue and see if they can assist you.