How To Fix Error Message 079d6cdc in NBA 2K20


Out of all the NBA 2K20 glitches that have been causing issues since launch, several of them have been repeating offenders, coming over from older titles.

Error Message 079d6cdc has been around since 2K17 and typically shows that a connection to either the 2K servers or a players internet is down. This could mean you need to reconnect to the 2K servers or restart your own internet to fix the problem.

2K Support

This error seems to pop up frequently when players are trying to connect to MyCareer, so be careful with whatever you try. And since there is no official support ticket on the 2K support forum, here are a few things you can try to fix this issue.

How To Fix Error Message 079d6cdc in NBA 2K20

Try To Reconnect With The 2K Servers

The simplest way to fix this is to test your connection to the game servers. If it says you are disconnected or need to connect to the 2K servers, try to hit the connect button again. This may take several minutes, but if it works, you should be good to continue playing the game.

If that isn’t your issue, you could also try signing out of 2K account and signing back in. This is less likely to fix the issue, so you don’t have to do it, but it is worth a shot if all else fails.

Restart Your Console and Check For Updates

Sometimes, turning something off and on again does to wonders for some problems. For previous iterations of this issue, 2K Support recommended trying to restart the console and seeing if that helped at all. Sometimes this will help the game reset some data and get back on track.

This will usually automatically search the servers for any console software update that you might need to download to access online features. PlayStation 4 is notorious for dropping updates out of the blue and surprising players with an immediate download that needs to happen.

If neither of that helps, you will also need to make sure you have the latest version of NBA 2K20 successfully installed. There might have been an update pushed between your play sessions that have to do with online play. 2K is usually pretty good that players update the game frequently, even going so far as to have pop-ups tell players about updates during matches.

Check Your Internet Connection

It also might be something going on with your internet connection, so start things off with a simple check of your network settings to make sure your console is connected to the internet before you begin troubleshooting for issues.

  • Verify the server status:
  • Verify that other devices on your network can connect to the internet.
  • (Xbox and PlayStation only) Make sure that your console is connected to your router directly using an Ethernet cable. Wireless signals (Wi-Fi) can often experience interference, and the signal quality can drop over time.
  • Perform a network connection test for your console.
  • Disconnect your router and modem for 60 seconds from the power outlet, then reconnect them to the outlet.
  • Your connection strength can be affected by how busy your network is. If you’re on a college campus or a home network that makes heavy usage of streaming services (Netflix, Twitch, etc.), downloading large files over the internet or playing other online video games, then you are more at risk of experiencing disconnection issues. If that’s the case, try playing online when fewer people are using the internet.

There are a lot more detailed instructions on how to manage your connection and work around some issues on the 2K support forums. So please use those resources as necessary if you are still having problems. Although the latest version of those tips is from 2K19, so not all of them may be valid options.

2K has yet to make an official post about this issue, but if you still don’t have any success with fixing this issue, please reach out to their support team.

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