How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Set sail on the open sea.

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Early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can unlock Moana. After helping her out in her realm, she (and eventually Maui) will come to the valley. Like all the other characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Moana has an entire questline that you can complete. This will eventually lead you to Moana’s Boat. This guide will show you how you can fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete Fixing the Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can fix Moana’s boat, you need to complete a few tasks. For starters, you need to unlock Moana by going into her realm in Dream Castle. Complete all of her quests and she will come to the valley. Afterward, interact with Moana and increase her Friendship Level to level two. This can be done very quickly by giving her a few gifts and having a daily conversation. Lastly, you need to open the way to Dazzle Beach. This biome is connected to the Peaceful Meadow and will cost you 1,000 Dreamlight to unlock.

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Down on the beach, you will see a destroyed boat. While it might not seem like much, this boat is actually Moana’s and she can use to it help you gather resources. Talk to Moana and she will give you the “Fixing the Boat” quest. During this quest, you will be tasked with gathering the materials necessary to fix up the boat and get it seaworthy again. You will need:

  • 50 Softwood
  • 70 Fiber
  • 3 Pink Hydrangeas

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The materials required can be found across the Peaceful Meadow, Plaza, and Dazzle Beach. Softwood is found around trees and shrubs. Fiber is created by gathering Seaweed and crafting Fiber at a crafting station. Lastly, the Pink Hydrangeas can be found all over Dazzle Beach. After gathering the materials, go to a crafting station and make the following items:

  • 3 Rustic Wooden Cases
  • 3 Baskets
  • 4 Ropes
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After crafting all the necessary items, meet Moana at the boat and give them to her. Once she has the items, the boat will get fixed. From this point on, Moana will use her boat to gather fish. Interact with the boat to see what fish she has caught and take them for your collection.