How to fix NBA 2K21 error code 726E613D

What’s wrong with MyCareer?

Launch week for games with a heavy online presence is usually a hotbed for new errors popping up and ruining user experiences, and NBA 2K21 is no exception to this rule. 

Multiple reports of players running into error code 726E613D when playing MyCareer in the newest NBA 2K title have been popping up since the game released for everyone on September 4. 

There is no direct reason for this specific error popping up, but it appears to center around player creation in MyCareer and customization, specifically around MyPlayer Badges or confirming your player customization at the start of the mode. This will typically soft-lock you out of MyCareer for a little bit, especially if you have been creating multiple players in a short period of time. 

There is a chance that this is an error that triggers whenever the game thinks players are using multiple MyCareer players to farm VC at the start of the mode, based on previous reports from older titles. 

How to solve NBA 2K21 error code 726E613D

The easiest way to solve this error is by waiting for the code to disappear, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. You can still freely play other modes like MyGM or MyTeam, but MyCareer will be locked until the error is gone. 

Screengrab via Steam

But if you don’t want to wait, you will just need to follow a few simple steps and then avoid certain aspects of players customization for a bit. 

Go to Features, Settings, and scroll all the way down to where it lists whatever email address you have connected with your 2K account. From there, remove your email address, leave it blank, and then save before exiting the game. 

Once you launch the game again, you should be able to access your MyCareer again. Just make sure you don’t edit your player’s face because it will try to ping your 2K account for any Face Scan data you might have saved. You can go back in and edit your player again once the error is cleared. 

This is not a guaranteed fix, but if you don’t want to wait up to 24 hours to play MyCareer, it is the only method that has shown concrete results.