How to fix PS3 DNS Error 80710102

Playstation 3 Error code 80710102 occurs when the your console and router are having some issue connecting to each other, and this happens due to error in DNS numbers. This 80710102 error can be resolve easily, all it require is reconfiguring the DNS numbers.

Playstation 3 DNSNow the next question arise here is how to reconfigure DNS number for this you can follow the step by step guide given below:

Step 1:

  • Go to “Setting” menu on your PS3 and from there Select “Network Setting”

Step 2:

  • Then Select “Interner Connection Setting”

Step 3:

  • Now go to “Custom” and from their select your connection method, first choose “Auto Detect” then “Automatic” and then “Do Not Set”

Step 4:

  • Now for DNS setting select “Manual” and enter either “” or “” as your DNS number.

Step 5:

  • Now save all the changes you made by selecting “Save Changes” option.

Step 6:

  • Test the changes you made, connect to any online part of PS3 for example: Playstation Store.