How to fix the Earn 5000 Gold from Auctions Traveler’s Log bug in World of Warcraft

No profit to be had.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Players in World of Warcraft are trying hard to figure out the Trading Post feature added to the game. This system allows them to earn a set amount of currency every month simply for logging in, which can be used on rewards. The currency, Trader’s Tender, is the sole way to purchase items at the post, and completing tasks in the Traveler’s Log is the best way to gain extra for the month. While most people can complete these challenges with no issues, some are finding themselves unable to gain progress on certain ones, especially the one to earn gold from the Auction House. Here is how to fix the Earn 5000 Gold from Auctions in the Auction House Traveler’s Log bug in World of Warcraft.

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Why is progress not being counted towards the Earn 5000 Gold from Auctions Traveler’s Log task in World of Warcraft?

Annoyed players have taken to the official forums to vent their frustration with the Traveler’s Log. While some people are able to interact with the feature with no issues, others are finding themselves in a pickle. Many players are noticing that the specific challenge of earning 5000 gold from auctions on the Auction House is not progressing when they receive their gold in the mail.

There does not seem to be a fix for this issue as of now, but there is one way around it. Many players are commenting that they have had success completing the challenge if they loot the entire 5000 gold or more in a single transaction on the Auction House. This isn’t ideal, but for now it is the only viable suggestion. Earning any amount lower than 5000 will keep the task incomplete at zero.

Blizzard has made several comments on the many bugs plaguing the Trading Post. Other notable bugs include the inability to loot the Collector’s Cache, disappearing Trader’s Tender, and the Traveler’s Log resetting its entire monthly progress bar. They are actively working on addressing these issues and expect to have it resolved this week.