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How to fix the Not Receiving Trader’s Tender bug in World of Warcraft

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Players in World of Warcraft are diligently trying out the Trading Post feature added to the game. This system allows them to earn a set amount of currency every month simply for logging in, which can be used for rewards. The currency, Trader’s Tender, is the lifeblood of the entire system, and so it holds great importance to anyone who wants these juicy rewards. The only problem is that some players are noticing that they are not earning any of this currency no matter how hard they try to fix it. Here are some suggestions to end the frustration if you find yourself one of the unlucky people who are not able to collect Trader’s Tender.

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What to do if you can’t receive any Trader’s Tender in World of Warcraft

There are several possible reasons for not being able to collect Trader’s Tender in World of Warcraft. While there is a legit bug circulating through the game, the answer might actually be very simple.

Trader’s Tender is not a traditional currency in World of Warcraft. While most of the time new currency will go straight into your Character’s Currency Tab, Trader’s Tender must be looted directly from the Collector’s Cache at the Trading Post. If you find yourself meeting milestones in the Traveler’s Log and wondering where your reward is, try looting this chest first to make sure that is not the cause for the confusion.

While this in itself is an adjustment, players may also find that they can’t loot the Collector’s Cache. There are several ways to get around this though, including logging on to a different character on your account to loot it, or simply logging off for about 15 minutes before trying again. Also make sure that you are not experiencing the Traveler’s Log resetting bug that would impact earning Trader’s Tender from the cache.

If you still find yourself unable to earn Trader’s Tender, then you are in the unfortunate group experiencing a genuine bug. Don’t panic, though, as Blizzard is aware of the issue and hopes to get it sorted out this week. While it might be frustrating, the missed currency will likely be given out once the solution is added to the game. Luckily, the currency does not expire so there is no chance of losing out if the fix doesn’t come soon.

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