Do Trader’s Tender expire in World of Warcraft? Answered

Is this a use them or lose them situation?

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The Trading Post in World of Warcraft is a rewarding way to earn new and past cosmetics, mounts, and more just by playing the game monthly. The rewards constantly shift every month, providing ever-changing things to aim for over time. The currency earned for the Trading Post is called Trader’s Tender. Some players have been concerned that they will lose their Trader’s Tender at the end of the month if they don’t spend it. Trader’s Tender, however, is a permanent currency and doesn’t expire or degenerate over time.

Do you have to use your Trader’s Tender monthly in World of Warcraft?

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Unless you see something you like at the Trading Post, there is nothing to force you to use your Trader’s Tender every month. While you can only earn 1000 currency a month, you can stockpile as much as you like in anticipation of future rewards. While the items cycle out, they do eventually return.

When you are ready to spend your Trader’s Tender, talking to the NPC at the Trading Post will bring up a menu with all available rewards for the month. If you have enough currency, you can click the desired item and confirm the purchase.

If you have your eye on something but don’t have enough Trader’s Tender yet, you can drag the item to the bottom of the window to lock it in to stay as an option for next month’s rewards.

Earning Trader’s Tender in World of Warcraft

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Trader’s Tender are easy enough to come by in World of Warcraft. There are two possible ways to earn them:

  • Automatically each month: Just by logging in and heading to the Trading Post, you can collect 500 Trader’s Tender every month from a chest called the Collector’s Cache.
  • By completing monthly activities in the Traveler’s Log: A monthly set of activities provides the opportunity to earn up to 500 additional Trader’s Tender.

The Trading Post can be found just outside the Stockades in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind for Alliance players, and to the left of Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar for Horde players. This is where you will pick up your monthly 500 Trader’s Tender from the Collector’s Cache. You can then complete additional tasks through your Traveler’s Log to earn up to 500 extra Trader’s Tender.

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As a bonus, Blizzard is giving all players who own Dragonflight and log into World of Warcraft an extra 500 Trader’s Tender as a way to say thanks for playing the latest expansion.