How to fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets

Roll up your sleeves for some honest work.

Woman standing at window with text "Clan Reveal Toreador"

The Friendship Sticker Printypress is broken in Ooblets. You can find it inside Arah’s house, which is the darker purple house, and you can find the broken piece of equipment to the right when you first walk inside. Interact with it to start the task for Mayor Tinstle. After doing so, Arah will talk to you about it and tell you about the three materials she needs to fix it up: six sporbets, 10 nurnies, and one sweetiebeetie.

You can find the nurnies back at your farm underneath rocks. Enter the farming mode by clicking the ‘Q’ button and approach any of the rocks on your farm to start removing them. Most of them require six energy to break, and you need to do it three times for a total of 18 energy. After it breaks, you should immediately receive several nurnies in your inventory. Alternatively, you can find nurnies around Badgetown by investigating the objects and picking them out.

The other item you need are sporbets, which is a mushroom you can pluck around town. You can find them in the grassy portions of Badgetown and harvest them from the ground. It requires the expense of three energy for you to pick it up from the ground.

The final item you need is a sweetiebeetie. It’s a vegetable you can grow in your garden, and you can buy the seeds from Meed’s Seeds shop. You can find the seeds shop right where you enter town from your farmhouse. The sweetiebeetie seed is available for five gummies, and it takes three days to grow fully.

Any time you have any of the above items for Arah, bring them to the box at the front of her house. You will repair the Friendship Sticky Printypress once you have all of the required items for the device, and you can start earning friendship with the citizens of Badgetown.