How to fix sound glitches and no sound bugs in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Don’t let sound bugs ruin your experience.

Ori Will of the Wisps

Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, like its predecessor, does two things incredibly well. First, it has a stunning soundtrack that is as magical as it is deep, consisting of a fantastic arrangement of orchestral delights and with some subtle electronic tweaks. Secondly, the sound design lends itself incredibly well to the world of Ori and friends, with the voicing acting very somber and the ambiance that of magical fantasy.

It’s very much part of the experience, so imagine that you’ve just installed the game, booted up the game for the first time and started the prologue, only to hear that throughout the sequence, you can hear glitching sounds. They are frequent and clear to hear, and are a huge taint on the mood that the beginning of the game is trying to convey. In short, it takes what is supposed to be a personal journey and turns it into a glitchy nightmare.

In some instances, there are also issues with no sound coming through at all. While the glitching sounds cause the experience to be tainted, it’s completely lost when this happens.

Developers Moon Studios have confirmed that this is a bug for the game and that it is being investigated. For PC users, there is a fix for this that will work at least as a temporary measure.

To fix the issue, you will need to make sure that the game is installed on a solid-state drive (or SSD) if your computer is using one. If you are unsure as to whether one of your computer storage drives is an SSD, there are ways to check this.

If you currently have the game installed on a standard hard disk, you can uninstall it there, and installing it on an SSD should alleviate the issues for now.

For Xbox One players with the issue or those without an SSD, you will need to wait until a fix for the game. With the game being such a recent release, this should not take too long to arrive.