How to unlock the Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley

More crafting recipes to learn.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will end up unlocking various crafting recipes that allow you to craft different items to decorate your house and the valley. While some of these recipes will be discovered by finding materials or discovering crafting recipes, others will be bought at the Blueprints Table. You can’t just obtain this table. Instead, you need to complete a quest for it. This guide will show you how to unlock the Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Back on the Waves quest guide

Before you can start the Back on the Waves quest, you will first need to unlock Prince Eric and raise his Friendship Level to Level 7. You will also need to complete all of his other quests leading up to this one. Talk to Eric afterward and he will give you the Back on the Waves quest. Your first task will be to talk to Scrooge McDuck to get the Sea Maps.

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After getting the maps, bring them to Eric and he will give you another task: fix the Broken Compass. To do this, bring the compass to Wall-E and Wall-E will tell you that you need to craft a Dreamlight Magnet to get the compass working again. To craft the magnet, you need the following materials:

  • 4 Iron Ingot
  • 6 Tinkering Parts
  • 8 Crystals

To get the Iron Ingot, you need to craft it using Iron Ore. The Tinkering Parts are made from Iron Ingots at a crafting table. Finally, the Crystals are found in the Forgotten Land. You need to mine Rock Spots in the area to get Crystals.

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After obtaining the materials, craft the Dreamlight Magnet at a crafting station. Bring the magnet to Wall-E to get the compass fixed. Give the compass to Eric and he will request that you meet him inside his castle. Meet Eric in his castle and you will get a brief cutscene that shows the Blueprint Table appearing in the corner of the room. This will complete the quest and unlock the Blueprint Table.