How to fix the initialization error for Dead by Deadlight

You want to make sure you can save your progress.

Image via Dead by Daylight YouTube

A handful of errors might occur whenever Dead by Daylight goes through an update. This frequently happens, with a handful of errors popping up that you may have to deal with. A standard error for players is an initialization error. In this guide, we will cover what you need to do and how to fix the initialization error for Dead by Daylight.

Initialization error explained

The initialization error in Dead by Daylight happens when you start up the game, and you’ll receive a notification message regarding it and how your progress will not be saved. The best way to handle this problem is to shut the game down and restart it. When you bring it back up and play again, you will no longer see the error, and you can play the game usually. However, it might not be that simple for everyone.

If you continue to have this issue with Dead by Daylight, we recommend shutting the game down and verifying the latest update has been applied to your console. If you’re playing on PC through Steam, you’ll want to verify your game files by right-clicking on the game, hitting “Properties,” and then going to the local files tab. You can choose to verify the integrity of the game files to make sure everything was installed correctly and then attempt to relaunch the game.

Should you continue to encounter this error, the next best thing is to shut the game down, reinstall it, and try relaunching it after the installation process. Something may have happened when you attempted to download the latest update, causing this error. This typically solves the problem for most players.

We highly recommend reaching out to the Dead by Daylight support team to anyone still encountering this issue to offer you further assistance.