How to fix Nintendo Switch error message 2002

Here’s what you need to do.

Some Nintendo Switch players have been receiving an error code that reads 2002-3537 whenever they turned on their console. When the code appears, it prevents Nintendo Switch players from doing anything with their console. Many receive recommendations to have their Switch repaired, or to purchase a new one. Those who still have their Switch under warranty can use this to their advantage and recover it. However, one Reddit user discovered a workaround that could be useful to others. They don’t know if it’s a permanent fix.

The Reddit user, Tweeksundrpantsnomes, suggested you remove the SD card from your Nintendo Switch and then put in recovery mode. You can place it in recovery mode by holding down by both of the volume buttons, and hitting the power button. They then booted up all of their games and saves after going through this process, and could generally use it again. You do have to redownload your account to your Switch after doing this, so be prepared to have to go through the process of grabbing all your downloaded games, but the saves should still be there for you.

Alternatively, if it doesn’t work for you, having your Switch repaired or purchasing a new one remains a viable option. You can also check to see if the device is still under warranty.