How to fix the Outriders no HUD glitch on PC

No HUD? Yeah, that’s a problem.

Outriders has launched for consoles and PC, but unfortunately is currently affected by more than a few bugs. One of them, which appears to be happening exclusively on PC, is that the HUD can disappear.

This is an awkward prospect, as much of Outriders is spent living on the edge as you try to keep yourself alive in the middle of frantic combat. When the HUD disappears, you can’t see important info like your health, or ability cooldown timers.

There are a number of solutions to this issue that players can try before they will need to resort to shutting down the game and starting it back up again.

  • Go into the menu, then options, and go into the HUD tab. Set all the options to off, save it, then turn them all back on again.
  • If that doesn’t work, forcing the game to load a different screen is the way to go. Return to the lobby, or fast travel to a new location via the map.

The issue seems to be a occurring because the shader layers that make up the HUD are failing to generate on screen, so doing anything that force the game to effectively reload those shader layers should, hopefully, solve the problem for you.

If not, then it will need to be a case of exiting the game and starting it back up again.