How to fix the Please Select Region error in Dark and Darker

Try a spell of restoration.

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Dark and Darker is still in development but players have been able to try it out through demos and early access. With the upcoming fantasy dungeon crawler still being worked on, you’re bound to encounter problems while you play. One such issue players are experiencing is the “Please Select Region” error which locks them out of playing altogether. If you ever come across a message that says the server region is unavailable, here’s how to solve it.

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How to fix the Please Select Region error in Dark and Darker

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When you begin your adventure in Dark and Darker, you’re asked to choose a region. The region connects you with other players from the same location and allows you to form a party or fight against others. Once you choose the region, select start to join a match. It’s at this point the error message can pop up for players.

The message can read as either “the server region is currently unavailable” or “failed to connect to the server.” If either one shows up, there are a couple of things you can try to fix the problem.

Check the official Dark and Darker Twitter account to see if there are any server issues. This is one of the best ways to quickly see if anything is happening that may prevent you from playing the game. If you don’t see any updates from the official account, you should next check developer Ironmace’s account. If neither shows any posts saying there are problems with Dark and Darker, the issue may be on your end. Check your modem, router, and internet for potential connection errors.

Why the error message shows up

With Dark and Darker requiring consistent online access, you may run into several error messages while you play. The developers are constantly making updates to the server and may need to temporarily shut down the game to make repairs.