How to fix the Sign In glitch in Madden 21

Having this problem? Check out some solutions.

Shortly after a major November title update went live for Madden 21, a new issue popped up for Madden users. Some Madden players have been afflicted with a glitch that prevent those users from signing into the game. So how do you fix this issue in Madden 21? Let’s go over some solutions shared by EA Sports.

How to fix the Sign In glitch

Before we get into solutions, let’s just quickly point out that the Madden team, as of this writing, has found a fix for this issue. However, because the afflicted players can’t get online and access it, Madden users may have to use a workaround in order to get back into the game.

EA Madden Community Manager KRAELO has shared some potential workaround options, and here are those solutions, sorted by console:

Xbox One

  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application from the Xbox One Dashboard
  • Select Options > Manage Game and Addons for Madden
  • Navigate to “Saved Data”
  • Navigate to “Reserved space”
    • File should be roughly 4GB
  • Select options for that file
  • Select clear reserved space
    • Confirm the action by selecting CLEAR RESERVED SPACE
  • Restart your Xbox One
  • Launch Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
  • Select Options on Madden NFL 21
  • Navigate to “Delete”
    • Confirm deletion
  • Insert your Madden NFL 21 disc, and launch OR Reinstall the game from the Playstation Store if purchased digitally
  • Install Madden NFL 21
  • Once fully updated, launch Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
    • Wait for it to close completely
  • Navigate to this file directory
    • C:\ProgramData\Frostbite\Madden NFL 21\LCU
  • Delete the LCU folder
    • Right click the folder and select Delete
  • Restart your system
  • Launch Madden NFL 21

EA has stated that as of this writing, an Emergency Title Update designed to permanently fix this issue is in the works.