How to fix Twitch internal service error 500

The pop-up message may not be the fault of your software.

Image via Twitch

If you are using software to broadcast live on Twitch, you may come across an abrupt message mid-stream that only notes, “InternalServiceError Error 500.” Although it does not indicate what the problem may be, this can cause your broadcast to go offline and stop you from streaming again. This guide will break down what this internal service error means and how you can possibly fix it.

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Twitch internal service error cause and fixes

The internal service error message typically appears when there is difficulty connecting to Twitch’s servers, ultimately causing broadcasters and viewers to be removed from the current stream. So, this is most likely not an issue with your software. In most cases, this is either due to a widespread outage of Twitch’s servers or a lack of a strong internet connection on your end. Here are the steps you should take to solve the issue.

Check for server outages

The first thing you will want to do in this situation is checking Twitch’s official server status page. It offers a list of its features and which may be encountering an issue. Once you’ve opened the page, you will want to scroll down and check if the “Video (Broadcasting)” option has a red “major outage” symbol near it. If so, the page should detail when the support team identified the problem and the time it is expected to be resolved. We also recommend following the Twitch Support Twitter page, as it relays potential fixes and other errors.

Check your internet connection

On the off-chance neither Twitch page reveals an outage, the error message may be pointing to a weak internet connection. Of course, you will want to reset your router to ensure this is not the case, but it is also advised you reboot your capture device and platform. Whether you’re on PC or console, this may help avoid the message next time you attempt to stream.

Contact support

Those continuing to see the error should also consider reaching out to Twitch via its support site. The site provides a “Contact Us” option that allows you to send screenshots, along with other details, to Twitch in order for its support team to help wipe away the issue.