How to gain and equip professions in Wartales

It’s time for your troops to learn some life skills.

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Becoming a master of a certain task can benefit your party in Wartales. Having a unit take a profession means they will become skilled with a particular task. Professions pop up in all sorts of places throughout the game. Here is how you can gain and equip these professions in Wartales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gaining professions happens naturally throughout the game. Here are how to unlock a few of them pretty quickly.

  • Thief: Attempt to steal an item from a shop
  • Tinkerer: Visit the crafting menu at the camp
  • Blacksmith: Visit a village forge and enter the crafting menu

Each of these professions gives the unit they are assigned the capability to perform unique tasks. The blacksmith in your party can craft weapons, shields, and armor. The thief can steal items from shops. The tinkerer can craft adventuring supplies at the camp workbench. No matter what profession a unit of yours is given, it will help tremendously in the end.

To assign a profession to one of your units, you must start by going to your camp or selecting the button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring up your units. Right-click on the unit you wish to add a profession to. A menu with the character’s information will appear. To the right of the character’s name will be a plus sign. If they already have a profession, the plus sign will be replaced with the symbol for their profession. Select the plus sign, and that will bring up the profession menu. Now, select the profession you wish for them to have.