How to get a Brilliant Diamond Silver in Genshin Impact

An item that takes a great deal of patience.

Genshin Impact

For those looking to Ascend your custom character in Genshin Impact, you’ve likely run into the trouble of looking to acquire a Brilliant Diamond Silver. The only way to obtain this item is to complete enough levels within the Adventurer’s Guild, which means you have to do quite a bit of grinding to reach the reward.

The best way to increase levels with your Adventurer’s Rank and earn more rewards is to merely play through the game and focus on exploring. You also want to check out your Adventurer’s handbook to see what chapter you’re on, and what objectives you need to do. There should be a handful of tasks available to you that are a great way to earn Adventurer EXP, increasing your rank with the guild. You can also check a few ranks above your current one while visiting the Receptionist for the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt.

The Brilliant Diamond Silver should be in your inventory when you complete the necessary steps for the Adventurer’s Guild to rank up enough to retrieve it. The reward becomes available to you at Adventure Rank 15. The other components to Ascend up other party members require you to visit the With Wind Comes Glory shop in Mondstadt.