How to get a Furfrou Star trim in Pokémon Go

Where do you need to go?

Image via Niantic

There are several Furfrou forms you’ll have the opportunity to acquire in Pokémon Go. These are all releasing at the same time during Fashion Week 2021, from September 21 to 28. With Furfrou appearing in the wild, you’ll want to find out how to get all 10 of its unique appearances, including Furfrou’s Star trim form. However, how you go about this is a specific method, and this is what you need to know to unlock Furfrou’s Star trim form in Pokémon Go.

Unfortunately, many of the forms are region-exclusive, such as the Star trim. The only way you can unlock this form in Pokémon Go is by being in the Asia-Pacific region. If you are not in this region, you will not be able to change your Furfrou into this form, and you’re better off capturing the ones in youre region and the standard form that will be spawning worldwide.

When you arrive in the Asia-Pacific region with a Furfrou, you’ll be able to change it into the Star trim. When you’re ready, click on the Furfrou in your Pokémon collection, and below the ‘power up’ option, you’re going to find the ‘form-change’ selection. Click on this, and you’ll be able to scroll through all of the available options for Furfrou. The Star trim form will be there. It costs 25 Furfrou candy and 10,000 Stardust every time you want to change Furfrou’s current form.

If you’re in the Asia-Pacific region, you won’t be able to acquire this Pokémon appearance. Thankfully, the form does not alter Furfrou’s stats.