How to get a Gauss minigun in Fallout 76

Every survivor needs to be well-armed.

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The Gauss Minigun is a powerful weapon in Fallout 76 that fires 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridges and is one of the most powerful guns you can obtain in the game. Compared to the standard minigun, the Gauss Minigun has more power, better handling, and a much larger clip size. You can further increase this weapon’s damage by equipping the Ultracite ammo mod to it. Of course, before you can do that you need to get the weapon.

How to get the Gauss Minigun

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There are multiple ways to obtain the Gauss Minigun in Fallout 76, but you cannot obtain it right away. Before you can get your hands on this powerful weapon, you will first need to gather reputation with the Raiders faction. The Raiders are located in Crater in the northern part of the map where the crashed space station used to be. You can increase your reputation with them through various methods but the fastest is to take part in the Moonshine Jamboree public event whenever it pops up. Once you have a reputation of “ally” with the Raiders, you will be able to buy the plan for the Gauss Minigun from Mortimer for 750 Gold Bullion.

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Other ways to get the Gauss Minigun

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After you unlock the plan for the Gauss Minigun, you can craft it at any weapons workbench across the wastelands. You will need the following items to craft the weapon:

  • 18 Aluminum
  • 6 Circuitry
  • 2 Legendary Modules
  • 15 Screws
  • 4 Silver
  • 6 Springs
  • 15 Steel

After learning how to craft the Gauss Minigun, you will also be able to obtain the weapon through other means. This means that you will be able to obtain the weapon from any public event that rewards legendary weapons and obtain it at random when purchasing a weapon from the Purveyor in The Rusty Pick.