How to get a mount in Guild Wars 2

Find out how to unlock each mount in Guild Wars 2.

With a world as large as that of Guild Wars 2, you are going to want to find a reliable way to get around. Luckily, there are mounts for you to find in the game, with each one giving you a good speed boost and traversal advantages.

There are six different mounts that you can get in the game, each with its own specific requirements needed to obtain it. Some are harder than others, but none of them are bad options to have. For a rundown on how to get each one, just keep reading.


Image via Guild Wars 2 wiki

The easiest of all the mounts to get in the game, you will get a Raptor as soon as you reach the Crystal Desert in the Path of Fire expansion. Just follow the story and there’s nothing more to it.


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You will need to have unlocked the Raptor Canyon Jumping skill first to get this mount. Then head to the Springer mount area in Desert Highlands and speak to Stabelmaster Unja. Give them 50 Trade Contracts and one gold for the mount.


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You can unlock this mount after the Raptor’s Canyon Jumping skill is unlocked. Once this has been unlocked, head to the Skimmer mount area in Elon Riverlands. Talk to Trainer Ardra and give them 50 Trade Contracts and four gold to unlock the mount.


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You will need to have a Skimmer or Springer mount already, and use them to travel around the desert in The Desolation. Eventually, you will find Drojkor, Spirit Squall, and you will need to give him 200 Trade Contracts and 20 gold in order to get a Jackal.


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In order to get this hidden animal, you will first have to complete the Path of Fire expansion storyline. After that, the quest to unlock your Griffin will begin once you find items like Strange Droppings, Strange Feathers, and Strange Pellets. Finding these items will lead you to Beastmaster Ghazal in the Garden of Seborhin, and they will take it from there.

Roller Beetle

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You will need to complete the first two chapters of Living World Season 4 Episode 3: Long Live the Lich, to unlock the quest to befriend this rollie-pollie. After that, you can get a quest from Gorrik in Domain of Kourna, which will take you to the Roller Beetle and unlock it.