How To Get And Ride A Pet In Cube World


Pets in Cube World are animals that you can tame and who will then become your companions. There are different types of pets, and some of them can even be ridden. They can also help you out in combat, adding their own prowess to your battles.

How To Tame A Pet

Taming a pet is relatively easy, but is down to a considerable amount of luck. To tame a pet, you need to feed it the food that it likes. Much like people who write about video games, pets will become friends with anyone who offers them food. To do this, equip the food from inventory to your pet slot, and approach the animal. The difficulty comes from finding out which food you need. We do have a list of all pet foods in the game, and the animals that like them, so feel free to check that out. Keep in mind, the information is from the Alpha, and there may have been some changes made in the beta.

Types of Pets

There are different types of pets in the game:

  • Melee Pets – these get up close and personal to do damage
  • Ranged Pets – they fire some ranged projectiles
  • Tank Pets – can take more damage, but do less damage to enemies
  • Healers – are able to heal nearby friendlies
  • Mounts – can be ridden by the player

How To Call and Ride Your Pet

You can call and ride your pet just by hitting the T button. This will cause your character to blow a whistle, and your currently equipped pet will come running. You can have as many pets as you like, but only one of them can be equipped at any one time. You also cannot have a pet equipped while you are taming another pet, as you need the pet slot for the food.