How to get a Shiki Taishou pet in Genshin Impact

Paper craft.

Image via miHoYo

Players who are taking part in the Labyrinth Warriors event in Genshin Impact will be aware of Shiki Taishou, the cute little paper companion who accompanies you on your missions into the strange Labyrinth. As you battle through the Labyrinth, you can get all manner of rewards and loot, so it is worth taking part in the event.

Players who are hoping that they can add Shiki Taishou to their collection as a pet are in luck, as you can do this. To get their hands on it, they will need to complete “Away with Obsessions and Falsehood”, the third part of the Labyrinth Warriors event. The quest itself is quite straightforward, so simply wrap it up and you will then get access to the Shiki Koshou pet as a Gadget in your inventory.

Like all other pets in the game, Shiki Taishou is strictly cosmetic. It is also not the real Shiki Taishou, as enslaving the little guy would certainly be a strange move. The pet will act as an extension of Shiki, and it can “share all that it sees and hears” with him, according to the in-game description.

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Shiki will not do anything in the game, but he will float around you when activated and will keep you company as you go exploring in the game.