How to get a workbench in Grounded

A pathway to making better items in Grounded.

A workbench, or a crafting table, is extremely useful in Grounded because it gives you access to higher quality items than you can traditionally craft without it. You want to make a workbench reasonably quickly in the game to ensure you can have access to them far sooner to take on some of the tougher challenges. It also doesn’t hurt to place it near where you want to set up camp so you can readily access it whenever you return to base. 

You need three resources to craft a workbench three grass planks, four sprigs, and two sap. The grass planks are extremely easy to find because all you need to do is cut down any grass stalks in your immediate area. They’re all over. When they fall, they usually drop four to six planks, and you can pick those up to carry back to your camp. You can find sprigs all over the ground, so search around your campsite to pick any up you may encounter. Locating a sap is a bit more complicated. A great way to find it is to look for fallen twigs and investigating the surface of their bark. You should see small, orange droplets attached to their sides that you can grab, which is the sap. These little sap pieces are also on the ground, but you will probably find them closer to the twigs.

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Once you have all of your resources, bring them back to your camp. Click on the workbench option in your crafting menu and highlight where you want to place it. When it’s down, you need to carry the grass planks you collected for it and hold them in your character’s hands to craft the workbench. Make sure your character is physically holding them because they do not fit in your inventory. You should now have a workbench in your camp, and you’re ready to craft higher quality items.