How to toggle aim assist in Fortnite

A little bit of help for controller players.

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Fortnite is a game about many things: exploring, cooperating, leveling up, building forts, and expressing your virtual identity through micro-transactions. But, at its core, Fortnite is, most of all, a game about shooting other players, usually with guns but sometimes with bows. If you’re going to shoot someone, especially if you want to get a headshot for extra damage, then you need to aim your gun (or bow) accurately. And this is where aim assist can come in very handy indeed. Aim assist doesn’t guarantee that you hit your target, but it makes it easier. Some players think of it as cheating, but most players use it, so you might as well level the playing field and use it too.

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Where to find and change Aim Assist Strength settings in Fortnite

To get aim assist in Fortnite, you have to switch it on in the game’s settings menu. To find aim assist in settings, first open the sidebar, select the icon that looks like a menu overlapping a cog, and select Settings from the menu. Go to the Controller Options tab, which is labeled with an icon on a game controller overlapping a cog, and go down to the Sensitivity section. There, set Use Advanced Options to On. Under Advanced – Sensitivity, set Aim Assist Strength to 100%. If it’s already at 100%, you already have aim assist, and you can’t make it any stronger. If you want to turn it off, you can set that same setting to 0%.

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Why has Epic Games tweaked or weakened Aim Assist in Fortnite?

Aim assist automatically pulls your crosshair towards nearby enemies to some degree without you having to aim manually. If it doesn’t feel as strong as it used to, that’s because Epic Games has weakened it when using certain weapons in certain situations, mainly when using automatic weapons in close quarters. Aim assist is still in Fortnite; it’s just being tweaked to better balance the game. Whether or not the tweaks are improving matters or not is a matter of opinion.