How to get all free items in Roblox Nikeland

Free stuff is good stuff.

Roblox players that are exploring Nikeland can get their hands on some free items if they know where to go. Players can get the free Nike Backpack, Nike Cap if they speak to a certain NPC in the game.

First, search “Nikeland” in the launcher, the load up the “NIKELAND” game. When you spawn in, you will be in an area called the Yard. If you turn around, you will see some strange plants behind you. Head for these, then look to the right.

You should be able to see a strange red building in the distance. This is called the showroom and is where you need to go.

Make your way to the Showroom, but keep in mind you will move a little faster if you run on the running tracks. Once you get there, you will see an NPC called Coach jumping around at the front of the building. Speak with him to get your free items.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have your free items and they will be in your Roblox avatar inventory whenever you want to try them on. When it comes to the purchasable items in the game, you should know that these will only work in Nikeland, you won’t be able to take them outside of the experience.