How to get all toys on Doom Hunter Base in Doom: Eternal

Obtain all of these cute toys to add to your collection.

Secrets are all over Doom: Eternal, and a notable secret everyone will want to go after concerns the cute toys you can find in the game. The Doom Hunter Base level contains two of them hidden in the game, and finding them is a little out of the way while you run around the mission.

You can obtain the first toy in the large room where you battle the Carcass for the first time, the demon with the ability to create a shield in front of it. After you clear this location, you can find it hidden on a higher level above you. To get it, go to the far side of the room where a platform is raising up and down. Wait for it to reach its lowest point, and then hop on it. From there, you need to wait for the platform that’s going across the room, pouring lava into the middle. Wait for it to reach you, and then double-jump to it. While on top of the platform, wait for it the reach the closest point toward the way you came in, and turn around. The toy is hidden in a small cylinder hole you can reach. You need to wait for the platform to move closer to it to properly reach it.

You can find the second and final toy of the mission right before you fight the final boss. If you fight the boss, you won’t have a chance to return to grab it, so make sure to do when you see the fast travel icon appear on your screen. When you reach this point, turn around to face the second elevated area. Stand in front of the door leads down to the room, right before you fight boss, and turn around. You should see a green light at the top of the arch. Shoot it, and the stairs will pull back, revealing the toy hidden inside.

There are 30 toys to find in the game, scattered all of Doom: Eternal. Collect them all to complete your collection on your Fortress of Doom ship.